5 Easy Makeup Tricks for 5 Different Looks

Recreating a makeup look one out the other must not be that hard as it is to create a makeup look with one product to accentuate that feature at the best possible way. Well let’s try some of the best makeup tricks to revolve your normal look to a stylish makeup look by using one main product.

5 Easy Makeup Tricks for 5 Different Looks

1. Using the Kohl is what makes your eyes stand out with a dramatic look. How about adding only the kohl to lift up a dramatic smokey look.

kohl smudgey makeup, kohl eye makeup, kohl smoked eyes
Steps : 1) Use the kohl in a darker shade in black or brown under your waterline area and over your                     eyeliner area.
            2) Use a blending or smudging brush to smudge out the kolh all over in shorter area to give a                   smaller smoker effect. Elongate the outer eye corner with the smudging brush to give a                         deeper look.
2. Instead of using the blusher, only use a contour over your under cheek bones so it gives depth with a normal natural look.
natural contoured face, natural contouring
Steps : 1) Use a brown lipstick to instantly do the trick, it should be matt of course. Draw a diagonal                   line from the mid ear to your desired contour length.
            2) Now blend the lipstick hue with a blender and give it a natural look with using a lighter                       contour under the eye and under the contour line.
3. Highlight the inner corners of your eye and waterline with a white eye pencil. This will give you a day time glam look which could also work for work and also the later for an night out.
white waterliner, nude waterline eye makeup, highlight inner corner eyes
Steps: 1) Use a white or nude eye pencil in your waterline, run it over well so the hue is set in well.                2) Now draw am arch on the inner corner or a small triangle to add depth. 
           3) Add white or shimmer shade of eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye. 
4. Work a nude and dark tint together over your lips with a matt look for the evening glam. This will add fullness to your lips and also instantly change the way you look.
use nude and darker lipstick, fuller lips tricks
Steps : 1) Use a dark matte mauve or red lipstick of your choice, spread it evenly all over your lips.
            2) Take a nude lip gloss or lipstick with no shine, and add the stain over the mid of your lips                   on both upper and lower lip.
            3) Use your fingertip to blend it properly over the mid lip to create ombre look.
5. The half Winged eyeliner is a great way to add elegance to your bigger eyes. If you do have big or long eyes you can still get a retro pop with the eyeliner trick.
half winged eye, half eyeliner wing,
Steps: 1) Use a black eyeliner over your eyeliner area, but starting drawing half mid section of the                      line towards the outer corner. 
           2) Don’t pull the point too high and out, do a small pointed wing which is thicker and                              connected with the lower eyeline.
Watch out for the upcoming Video of these styling tricks on my Youtube Channel. Hope these help until I post a tutorial video. 

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