How to Repair Bleached Hair – Risks of Bleaching and Colouring Hair

So, we all love getting a new hair makeover every year around or even frequently. Getting a nice hair trim or hair cut is not something that risky or damaging for the hair but getting a hair makeover with bleaching your hair and colouring may damage your hair.

All women fear to colour their hair or use such funky hair dyes that are in the trend and are the look of the era, with bleaching becoming a quiet common  thing and adding on more bright colors to get a new look. Well I too just got a New Hair Makeover with Green hair by Bleaching it at first and then adding on a Green color on top. Just like you all I too feared the risks of hair damage but as I do have a way to revive it not permanently but yes it can heal.

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Read below to know how to treat bleached hair.
Also View my new Hair Makeover Vlog and see that I have Bleached my hair golden and then green.

SO first, If you know you are okay with going on with rough and dry hair once you do bleach them then you can go ahead and try the new look for sure, and my technique to revive them won’t actually bring back what’s gone but yes may help in making them appear healthy and feel smoother.
  • If you love colouring your dark black or dark brown hair, then do it on them directly or if you do bleach them don’t go all the way till they turn white. Trust me then there’s no going back to them and you will have to chop them off. So, stay with the yellow or gold blonde. 
  • After they are bleached and dyed, you can use egg mask one in a week. The egg has protein and keratin, which was ripped away off the hair cuticle being exposed and therefore you are left with weak hair so you can go in with egg mask or hair masks to pack in moisture. But don’t over do the egg masks or they may be easily breakable. 
  • Use Almond oil and olive oil regularly not only in the roots but the ends of your hair. The almond oil helps to make them healthy and smooth also cures or slows down the process on split ends and keeps them shiny instead of rough and dry. Try these homemade hair masques and nourishing packs
  • Avoid shampoo if you can. or apply lesser on the ends or on bleached hair as it will dry the hair. 
  • Instead use cleansing conditioners and also use conditioners to repair the damaged hair at every wash just after you have oiled the hair properly.
  • Quit ironing and hot curlers as they will just damage the hair making it worse. And if you really have to, then use the hot resistance serum before you style hair with heat.
  • Use professional treatments for hair like hairfoods, hair conditioners, oils and serums to cure damaged hair.

                           L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Masque

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Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Conditioner

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All Soft Conditioner (For Dry/ Brittle Hair) – Redken

Buy it.

Argan Oil

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Living proof Restore Mask Treatment

bleached hair repair, hair masque for damaged hair, how to repair bleached hair
Now these tips will help you repair the bleached hair for sure but the only way to repair your hair is to let it grow and chop it off bit by bit. 

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