Inspiring Makeup from 1950’s till 2015 trends

Make-up brings a whole new different look from a well groomed look to a simple daily office makeup. And so makeup trends go back to the most popular styles of makeup from the early celebs which have defined their signature makeup styles to trends back then to the now trending makeup styles of celebrities which inspire the ladies to put on the same makeup look.

Makeup has brought the fabulous Marilyn Monroe in the makeup trends since then till now in 2015 her makeup inspiring looks of rouge red lips still rock! To the now so trending Kim Kardishian makeup trend look of contouring has inspired thousands to have a contoured face even for a simple make-up look. 

Take a look at the evergreen makeup beauties – Celebrities of 50’s to 2015 in Makeup trends 

Makeup Trends from 1950’s to 2015

1950’s Makeup Trend

The winged eye definitely was so dramatic and the cherry lips made the French makeup trend hit the era.

Marilyn Monroe Makeup look

1960’s Makeup Trend

Not much changes from the inspiring 50’s makeup just that the blushy effects added on and the lip colour moved to a bit of natural corals and pinks. The waterline highlighted with white and that’s right back in fashion. The eye lids have a sharp crease line which isn’t blended out.

60's makeup look
60's makeup look

1970’s Makeup Trend

Lighter tints flaunted on the 70’s with bigger heavy black eyeliners, heavy big filled eyebrows. Lips shades also became tints of pinks and these were influenced as the pretty 70’s fashion makeup.
70's makeup look
70's makeup look

1980’s Makeup Trend

Colours splashed up during the 80’s and makeup became darker and brighter. Eyeshadow colors as per dressing and contrasts, lip shades in bright pinks and reds, the black waterline and eyeline and heavy eyebrows. Same a funkier look with blush as well, strong blushy cheeks.

80's makeup look

80's makeup look

1990’s Makeup Trend

The nuetrals and naturals took this decade off to pretty natural beauties. Nude lips and not so thicker eyebrows. Simple soft eye makeup and yes eyeline still in emphasis. 

Angelina Jolie Makup Look

2000’s Makeup Trend

The dark shades of browns, wines, purples and maroons to deep reds were the thing of 2000’s makeup trend. Eyebrows and eye makeup enhanced to get a better look.

2010’s Makeup Trend

Coral lip shades worked wonders and still are in. They look great on pale to olive skin tones and from peaches to pink corals they rocked red carpet events to a summer beach look. Do invest in these which are the basic of the decade now. Must have Lip Colours in Trend. Smokey eyes popped in fashion from black, gold, brown, olive, blue and more anything to mix up the smokey eye look and the red lip after Taylor Swift’s magic of Red album. 
Taylor swift makeup style
Emma Stone makeup look, coral lips

2015 Makeup Trend

The word contouring meant a lot after the secret of Kim Kardishian makeup trick was revealed. Contouring became the prof. look for a day or night event. Easy simple and smokey eyes with nude lips matched perfection.
Kim Kardishian makeup
Kylie Jenner makeup style has been revolving around the fashion makeup trend lately. Her popping eyes and big lashes along with lip makeup done with a highlighter to add fullness.
Kylie jenner makeup look
And with all that Makeup, Here’s what’s trending for New Year’s 2016 Makeup look.
DIY Dramatic Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial for New Years Party

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