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26 Trending Hairstyles for Sarees

Hairstyles for saree looks can be done depending on the types of occasion. Yet there are some trending hair styles to do with saree wearing looks. We all love those Indian hairstyle looks to suit a sari, but we can also add more easy hair style. It just needs to suit your overall saree look.

Types of Hair styles to do with Sarees

Any kind of hairstyle with saree looks good, but if you are looking for latest trends then here they are. From traditional styles that can be done today and for those stylish hairstyles for saree looks can be picked up from this post for best ideas.

Saree Hairstyles Type in Braids

The braided hairstyle has been one of the most vintage styles to do with saree. Even today women like to wear their hair braided for a saree look. From wearing braided hairstyles in simple or french braids too fishtail braids, they look best. Wear braided hair for saree look at a wedding occasion with flowers or in side swept braid style. See images below for more inspiration for saree hairstyles.

braided hairstyles with saree

braided wedding hairstyles

Hair Up dos for saree

Another kinds of hairstyles that look best with saree are the hair updo. Especially the hair bun look with saree is the trendiest hairstyle, most actresses like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma wear a Bun Hairstyle with Saree look. Thanks to this trend, now women like to wear a hair bun with saree in different styles for any occasion. From wearing a messy bun,  a sleek low bun with saree, or a puffed and braided style bun at the head for a wedding or party look. See all kinds of Bun Hairstyles to do with saree below.

bun hairstyles with saree

Samantha Prabhu Side Updo Hairstyle in a Saree

samantha prabhu in saree

Anushka Sharma Side Swept Bun Hairstyle with Saree Look

anushka sharama saree with bun ahirstyle

Simple Sleek Low Bun with Gajra for Saree Look

South indian actress in saree

Retro Hair Updo Bun with Saree

retro hair bun for saree

Open Hair Style to do with sarees

The most effortless style of a hair look would be open kept hair. Now wearing a saree with open hair has to steal the show any day any time. Keep them straight and sleek like Kareena Kapoor in a Saree with straight open hair. Or go for a vivid look of Nayanthara in Open wavy hair with saree. Take inspiration from Top actresses and images below. You can also go with the crimped hair look with saree look to try something contemporary.

Yami Gautam in Short Open Waves Hair for Saree Look

yami gautam in short hair and saree

Kareena Kapoor Khan in Straight Hair with Saree

kareena kapoor in saree

Pooja Hegde in Saree with Open Hair Long Wavy Curls Hairstyle

pooja hegde saree

Nayanthara in Saree with Natural Waves Hairstyle

nayanthara in saree

Half Hair Updo with saree

I call the half hair dos the sweetest hairstyles to do with saree. As they give a clean and sweet stylish look to the lady. Try the trending styles of half up dos with braids, twist or as a half clipped pony tail. This is a vert easy hairstyle that you can do for festivals, parties or weddings on your own. Try the half hair do for saree ideas from below.

hair updo hairstyles with saree

Kajal Agarwal in Half Hair Up do for Saree

kajal agarwal saree look

Braided Half Hair Small Bun Hairstyle for Saree

braided bun hair do

Simple Half Puff Hair Do for Saree

simple half hair do for saree

Soft Curls and Waves Half Hair Do for Saree Look

soft curls half hair do for saree

Pony tails Hairstyles for Sarees Look

One of the trending styles of hair look for saree has to be the pony tail. These days we see the trend of a messy and voluminous pony tail looks with saree, like what designer Sabyasachi does for his saree models and actresses look. They do look clean from the front and have that wild edgy look from the back of the pony. You can try the different kinds that suit your from ideas below.

Deepika Padukone in Ponytail Hairstyle with Saree

Deepika in saree look with ponytail

Anushka Sharma in Messy Ponytail Hairstyle for Saree

ansuhaka in sabysavhi saree

Shilpa Shetty in Normal Ponytail Hairstyle with Saree


Rakulpreet in Saree with High Ponytial Hairstyle

high ponytail hairstyle for sarees

Hope this blog post gave you plenty of ideas to try hairstyle for sarees. Also take a look at how your can wear a saree today in different styles. 10 ways to wear a Plain Saree


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