Monsoon Rage with 6 Do’s and Don’t

Monsoon Chic Style-Do’s & Don’t

The seasonal changes, does have great influence on our fashion rage, ladies it’s time to have a look at the trending fashion and the Do’s and don’t s for this monsoon keeping the element of styling and fashion alive. Be in the Chic style look, weather you know the basics of monsoon fashion with umbrellas and raincoats, now add a sizzle to your styling to look like a fashionista while still carrying the basics.

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Follow the 6 Do’s and Don’t for Monsoon

  • Dresses 
Monsoon dresses, short dresses monsoon
Do : the shorter lengths or calf lengths are in definitely, keep the cottons and light weigh fabrics.
Don’t : Longer maxi dresses aren’t working, you don’t want to go soaking your hemline, and keep the flare minimal, windy climate might get you uncomfy trying to hold on to your dress.
  • Prints
Prints for monsoon, prints, monsoon fashion

Do: Wear your prints, you don’t want to look pale with pale colours, add up colours with prints, florals, and bold prints are great.
Don’t: match up more than one type of print, you don’t want to look messy, Try plains with the prints.
  • Shorts
Shorts for monsoon, types of shorts, shorts monsoon fashion

Do: wear the short outfits, superb for a casual day, match it up  with cool top wear, denims, and prints both shall do the look great.
Don’t: Wear the translucency, you don’t want the transy look after getting wet by the rain, just a exclamatory.
  • Layer up
Shrugs fashion monsoon, shrugs for monsoon

Do: yes weather those short outfits or dresses you can layer up with cotton shirts or the light weight shrugs, to keep little warmer.
Don’t: wearing sweaters isn’t  a good idea, it may get heavier to carry if wet, keep the cotton blends or nylons.
  • Jumpsuits
monsoon jumpsuit fashions, Jumpsuits for monsoon

Do: wearing your jumpsuits in the right way, a safe look, with climate in rains or winds. Choose the denim or the flowy fabric to look stylish, try rolling up the hems if needed.
Don’t: the elephant silhouette jumpsuit and full length are not working, don’t need wet soaky hems.
  • Leggings
Leggings monsoon, leggings fashion, monsoon legging

Do: the leggings or slacks are definitely in, in prints or plains, easy comfort, pair it with anything long.
Don’t: wearing winter leggings may keep water trapped in, avoid the knitted and go Lycra
  • Footwear
Footwear for monsoon

Do: Flip flops, crocs and boots are always a perfect stylish choice for the monsoons
Don’t: No to the velvet textured or piled textured boots, and no real leather of course.
Anything you need to add, keeping the look safe and stylish, hats and umbrellas are fine with any attire, and slings bags work the best for easy carry. Take care and enjoy the monsoon style effects with me.

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