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Latest 5 Wedding party saree draping Ideas for Silk Saree 2021

Silk saree wedding party saree draping ideas for the year has to be some contemporary styles. The draping involves modern saree style and traditional silk sari which together are a perfect wedding party saree look. It’s almost time for Festive season and saree wearing is so much in trend those days. How can we drape a saree differently to steal the show?

Latest Wedding Party Saree Draping Styles for Silk Saree

  1. Draping Khada Dupatta Style Saree

Wearing a Modern style saree with a twist of traditional and modern combination. The Hyderabadi style Khada Dupatta is a trend to wrap longer dupatta on Salwar suit. I have revamped the same technique over a Kurti and Pants with a saree.

In other words wearing a Silk saree on a Kurti in a Khada Dupatta Style. Watch the video below to see saree draping tutorial.

2. Silk Saree Draping on a Top with a Belt for wedding party saree

This has been in trend for a while now, wearing a belt over a saree. How about adding a off the match Top or Tee in off shoulder with the saree. Belt it at the waist line and wear it in open palla style. It creates a lovely cowl drape on the left side of the arm. Choosing a off-shoulder shirt or top is the main trick here.


3. Silk Saree in Kashta Style for Wedding Party Saree Draping

The traditionally kasta saree draping combined with a flare top or short anarkali would look a perfect wear for an Indo Western Saree Draping style. A look that look like a Salwar suit but done with a saree in kashta style draping.

dhoti salwar saree

Follow the steps in the video below of Kasta Style Saree Drape, until the part your reach to make palla pleats. Wear your Tunic over it and then drape the palla in small pleats around your neck. Instead of covering your bodice with the palla.

4. Pant Style Silk Saree with A Shirt.

Instead of wearing a saree blouse, wear a unbuttoned shirt with a knot at the waistline. Wear the saree in a Pant style drape and style it under one side of the shirt. It is a chic style and can work well with printed silk sarees or plain silk sarees.

Watch Video of Pant Style Saree draping, and instead of draping palla over directly, take pleats under the knotted shirt and up the shoulder. The knot of the shirt acts like an angarakha style or belt.

Watch the second style in the First Youtube Video above to learn the exact steps.

5. Cowl Style Wedding Party Saree Draping

Wearing a Soft silk saree in a cowl style from both sides is what makes this drape different. You will need a lehenga or skirt and a blouse or modern crop top for this modern cowl drape saree.

It’s Very easy, You need to start by making pleats from inner side leaving 1 meter. Pleat till the pallu pleats drape. Tuck in center of lehenga and drape the remaining saree palla like a usual saree palla on left shoulder.


Now take the remaining 1 meter fabric from right side and make pleats on width wise section. Tuck them on right side of waist. The waist should be covered by the palla drape over it.

For more saree wearing styles for wedding party wear, follow the blog. You can also find new style and fashion ideas on Instagram and Pinterest.

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