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Palazzo Pants for Petites – 20 Ways to Style Palazzo Pants for Short Girls

If your concern as a short lady has been to dress smart and look taller in palazzo pants? Then trust me, I know exactly how to help you and style palazzo pants for petites just in the right way for different looks. I love palazzo pants with tops or palazzo pants for kurtis. Which ever it may be I have a List of Different ways to wear palazzo pant for short girls the right way.

How To choose the Right Palazzo Pant for Short Height Women

  • Wearing a High waist Palazzo Pants for Short women is the best trick to add some extra length to your figure.
  • Choose a Wide legged palazzo pants or flared palazzo pants for short girls.
  • Buy palazzo for ladies in nudes or neutrals to pair it easily.
  • Palazzo pants in a flowy fabric but in a well structured look is perfect choice.

Extra Tips to Style Palazzo pants for short women

  • Enhancing your petite figure get better when you draw attention towards the upper torso. Experimenting with pretty neck line tops and shirt blouses is the best way.
  • Choose Heels or High platforms to style your look.
  • Nude heels or nude flats still elongate your legs and makes you look taller.

20 Ways to Style Palazzo Pants for Petites

Let’s Get Started!

How but styling a Beige Palazzo in 20 Different Ways! Check the Video to see the Styles.

Pick up Different looks like, casual, party wear, semi casual or a chic look. Even if you are looking to style palazzo with Indian wear, we have got you covered here.

Style Palazzo with Tops and Tees

  1. Off shoulder Tops

Choose to wear an off shoulder top with high waist palazzo. This will elevate the look and make you appear taller. It shows off your shoulders and pulling away the attention from shorter legs or height.

palazzo pants with off shoulder top

2. Plain Half Sleeve Tshirt

When wearing a tee with palazzo, remember to tuck it in or fold it inwards to create cropped effect. Dont wear a too baggy or loose t-shirt.

palazzo with tee

3) Square neckline Top

These styles of tops with square neckline look best. They are in trend and wear these with palazzo pants will be perfect again to draw attention on neck and bustline.

dressy look with palazz pants

4) Crop Top and Palazzo

Palazzo pants with crop top is the easiest and safest for petite girls. The waist line is already making the illusion visible of longer or taller body. Hence any crop top in tshirt, blouse ort tank will work well.

style crop to for short girls

5) Camisole and Palazzo Outfit

These are again perfect for a dressy look or formal look. Wear them tucked in and if the cami is in silk satin, create a small bulge tuck effect to add extra style. Remember to wear heels with this look that matches your camisole to add height for short girls.

how to wear camisole for petites

How to Wear Palazzo Pants with Kurtis

6) Calf Length Kurti with Palazzo

Palazzo pants for short women with an Indian twist can’t go wrong with the right kurti length. As a petite girl, wear calf length kurtis and not too long ones. Choosing palazzo with kurti will add more broadness and takes away focus from short height.

kurti with palazzo

7) A short Kurti

If you prefer a shorter kurti remember to go above knee and nothing that’s knee length kurti. As it will cut a horizontal line dividing the standard height look, eventually making you look shorter.

short kurti for short girls

8) Flared Kurti or Anarkali with Palazzo Pant

Love the way how a flared kurti and a anarkali kurti with palazzo pants works like a salwar suit design. Wearing calf length anarkali kurti or a high low kurti with palazzo is perfect for petites.

kurtis for short girls

Indo Western Style with Palazzo

9) Palazzo with Dupatta

Whats better than adding an indo fusion style to your short height? Put on a tank or a camisole and pair with a dupatta shrug. It creates an uneven hemline hence giving a flawless look without distracting the eye to length of your lower torso.

10) Palazzo Saree Look

The trending palazzo saree styles have made a great effect on indo western styling. Even short women can wear palazzo sarees as long the top wear with it is at the midriff or waistline and not to long till thighs. The drape creates an elongated scene.

saree palazzo pants

Pairing Shirts and Blouses with Palazzo

11) Tunic Top

Boho style for short women as been a way to bring in confidence to their look. Longer tunics may not look all perfect but a boho top in medium length or a high low tunic tops thats cuts at mid thighs is perfect. Wear heels to balance out the look.

how to style tunic for petites

12) White Shirt & Palazzo Outfit

White shirts are versatile and it is a must for petite women wardrobes. White shirt tucked in neatly or in crisscoss tuck will add extra style. Belt the palazzo just for the look with a thinner belt and not too broad.

style button down for short women

13) Cropped Satin Shirt

Again a cropped hemline never hurts a petite figure. Wear this with high waisted and wide legged palazzo for short girls just elevates the look. Add some jewelry and of course heels to complete the look.

style palazzo with shirt for petites

14) Satin Blouse shirt in same color as palazzo

Too try another fashion hack of wearing palazzo and shirt in same color like a jumpsuit all that’s needed is a belt. The Jumpsuit look is perfect in solid colors and in one tone for short women. Style it with heels and some jewelry to achieve a party look.

solid shirt and palazzo jumpsuit style

15) Denim Shirt and Palazzo Outfit

Denim shirts have been around since 90s fashion for women Today! Still invest in those and style them with bustiers or crop tops inside to achieve perfect look with palazzo pants.

palazzo for short women

Wearing Palazzo for Winters

16) Blazer

Style a palazzo with a blazer for petites, is just happening enough. Remember to go with a inner top or cami of same color as blazer or in a family color or palazzo or blazer. Wear hesl to achieve the perfect formal party look for short girls in blazer.

blazer with palazzo pants

17) Short Jacket

Short jackets that end at waistline are perfect for winters. Wear it in an casual active style with shoes. Wear a tucked in top or tee to pair a short jacket.

jackets for short girls

18) Knitted Cardigan

Another way is by adding a knitted cardigan, leave it open with a top or crop or simple wear a belt around it to close it up. Dont wear a too short or tool long cardigan with palazzo.

cardigans for petites

19) Winter Top / Turtle neck pullover

Turtle neck or winter knitted tops can look stylish when tucked in your palazzo. Again wear heels or boots with heels to add some extra inches. Wear long necklaces or earrings that will add more length as the neck is covered so for short girls this tip will help.

winter styling with wide leg pants

20) Shawl with Palazzo pant

I love this drape shawl look, adds length and vertical lines to your outfit look hence your look taller. Remember to have shawls that end above knee length for this look. Don’t want extra long shawls for this look.

wearing palazzo pants for short height girls

And that’s it. There are more ways of course, but as a petite girl I have tried these styles and they work. See more ways in video which will help you to put outfits together as a look.

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