5 Easy Tricks to Wear a Saree Perfectly

Wearing a saree perfectly is the key to the right saree draping look for any women with any body type. Learn how to dress in a saree with the right drape and which style tricks will help you look perfect for any body shape.

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I have some tricks of styling a saree which will give the perfect saree draping look to any women from Hourglass shape, slim body type, heavy bust or even a heavy body type.

How to wear a Saree Perfectly to Look Slim

Saree draping Style tricks

1) Wear the saree below your navel or on it, no matter what kind of body you have. Tall girls can wear the saree at low waist too, as this will just elongate your figure bringing more attention to your figure. Even if you have a heavy figure, wear it below the navel to add more height and this will cut down the look of heaviness around your figure.

2) Drape the saree border tightly over your hips and pin it on your thigh before you make skirt pleats. Watch Video to See how to try this saree style trick. This will add the curvy look to slim girls, adds more slimness to the figure, highlights your hips and waistline, naturally bringing a curvy perfect look.

3) Pin the Saree Pallu or Pally Pleats on the back on the shoulder position instead of exactly pinning on shoulder end. This will hold the saree pleats or pallu better and give it a neat finish.

4) When wearing a saree, you can change it to a pre-pleated or pre-draped saree to save time. Simply pin all the Skirt pleats together at the right point so next time you just have to wrap it around, saving you a lot of time from aligning the pleats.

5) If you are a small bust or pear shaped, and want your bust-line to get equal attention, drape the saree in the cowl drape look from the bodice. This will add equal balance with cowls working on the top torso and hip-line together. This will also make a figure look slim and it will cover you tummy if you need that too with less covering.

Latest Saree Draping Video Tutorial – How to wear Saree in Modern Style – Indo Western Style

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