5 Ways to Wear Green Pants

Something that’s bold and striking in colours, always has its own different way of style to look fabulous. Some colours in your closet may be in need of good pairs or the right style. Green for instance is a nature colour which is bold and refreshing by its look. Wearing your Green pants which haven’t been easy to style, will change your view by this simple ways to wear your green pants tips.

the green colour in different shades, sticking to brighter ones, which has the most issues with styling and pairing, can now be styled in 5 easy ways. For the basics, remember neutrals are the best trick to pair up and refashioning of green pants will add glamour in chic style to your looks

How to wear your Green Pants in Trend

  • Nude Colours – Top wear
Nude tops style with Green pants, how to wear green pants, nudes colours with green pants

Nudes are the colours which are very safe to wear on greens pants, try a flowy fabric top with green pants to give you a natural chic style look. Kimono style tops, georgette shirts, blouse, or t-shirts will do fine in tucked in style or dressed down.
  • Black & White
Black and white with Green pants, how to wear green pants, black and white styles

Another colour recommended to wear, are white or black, though a more balanced look comes up with the brighter white casual or party top wear. Black can be added to the look if you have another brighter or light coloured layering blazer, shrug or shirt to wear over it.
  • Blazer styling for Pants
Green pants and Blazer styles, how to wear green pants, blazer with green pants

This adds more volume and feminine look, the balance of colours is attained, as it reduced the volume of whole green pants. Wearing a Black, navy, white, brown, beige blazers will bring great fashion styles to your green bottom wear outfit.
  • Prints – Stripes & Checks
prints with green pants, how to wear green pants, prints styled with green pants

Both these prints are very classic and will do great in black and white, whether you wear horizontal striped top or a vertical stripe blouse shirt or even try on a checker shirt to get casual look enhanced.
  • Colour Blocking – Contrasts
Greens pants colour blocking, how to wear green pants, colour blocking with green

This is something that can add more chic style to your wardrobe and green outfit look, just remember have an equal balance of this, or have a less use of colour blocking effect to just isolate the look. Adding yellow top wear and yellow footwear will act trendy, or wearing bold pink footwear and an accessory to match with the outfit will be enough.
Well now style and dress up in green pants outfit isn’t hard and brings your a new look to carry for formal, casual or party. Wear your greens in a chic style and keep up with latest fashion trends.
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