How to wear Blue Fashion Styletips

Fashion in Blue is one of the most classic and bold colour that stands out for it’s self and is most widely owned by all ladies taking it from your blue pants to your blue heels. Wearing the fashion in Blue is known to all, let’s make this look a bit more stylish by adding the current trend and match ups to add the statement look. Also take a look at How to wear Green Pants – Easy Styling Tips

How to wear Blue Clothing

There are certainly some things we all have in our closet that’s in blue. Let’s take some of the new trending article in blue fashion which can be styled up like a Diva.
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  • Blue Skirt

The feminist style look with skirts from tulle skirts for a fashionista day look to a glamming Night Flared skirt. Pair up a contrast Top wear or white is always A great option.
How to wear blue skirts, how to style blue skirts, blue fashion style
  • Blue Blazer
The fancy styles of new cuts and patterns have made blazers to look stunning. Shorter or longer blazer giving that extra effect looks great on slim fit jeans or those ankle length pants. 
How to wear blue blazers, how to style blue blazers, blue fashion style
  • Blue Pants
The basic color of bottom wear, blue pants are an essential of casual fashion. Not to mention that they give a Classic look when styled up with a blouse shirt in sheer fabrics. Or just opt for a crop top  in neutral shades to grey scale.
How to wear blue pants, how to style blue pants, blue fashion style
  • Blue Dress
The chic style look, with the skater dresses to sheath dress. The optimizing solid blue dress or the fun spring printed dress can look more stylish with a golden touch of neckpiece or footwear. Nudes and blues are great and layering this with a cardigan or blazer will add more feminizing style statement.
How to wear blue dress, how to style blue dresses, blue fashion style
  • Blue Crop Top
The bandeaus and crop tops have gone a great mile ahead with trend. Wear these with high waist pants, skirts, maxi skirt and more to look bold and smart. 
How to wear blue crop top, how to style blue crop top, blue fashion style
  • Blue Jumpsuit
Another fashion that has more layering options from adding blazer or shrug on this in white or nude shade. Contrast color would work well as well. Adding a statement belt to the waist will be fine to style these.
How to wear blue jumpsuit, how to style blue jumpsuit, blue fashion style
  • Blue Heels
Pairing these must not be that difficult, they have the attractive classic passion style which look great with almost all kinds of dress, jumpsuits, skirt outfits, contrast outfit, match outfits, trousers and more.
How to wear blue stilleto, how to style blue heels, blue fashion style
  • Blue Statement Jewellery
The stunning bold colors, To be matched up with Any other shades of red, white, black to family colors.
How to wear blue jewellery, how to style blue statement jewellery, blue fashion style

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