How to Wear the Trendy Stripe Fashion

Wearing you stripes in style to look charming and trendy can be tricky, if you don’t know how to match up your stripes. How well do you know the on-trend stripe fashion? well think about your stripes in your closet, and get them out to wear them out this season.

Wearing your Stripes

The way you like mixing your outfits matching them up, striped outfits can be paired up and layered up as well. Wearing this pattern isn’t that difficult, but first how many types of styles run in the market, has to be taken into consideration before I  start showing you the styles and types.

Different types of Stripe Fashion

  • Vertical stripes

The fashion of vertical prints in b/w is very commonly found at corporate style dressing, for e.g the office formal shirts, this is where you can look attractive with a pencil skirt or trousers pair up, the blazers would do great too. Gives a slimmer and taller look, if you are tall and slim avoid these in large portion or completely.

  • Horizontal stripes

These are the most commonly found fashion print in different styles and colours, b/w is most popular, find all thin and thick prints to wear for all seasons. Cardigans, short dresses, shirt, blouse, maxi dresses and much more, pair it up with a solids for the best look.

  • Zigzag Pattern

The look of zigzag patterns become more in nowadays, suits all and can be worn in larger or small prints. It may be fully printed or again with a solid, but a solid is more preferred. Sometimes gives a diagonal look as well, maxi dresses look best in this pattern.

Design style Outfit Look

  • Maxi dresses : wearing this in large prints is a trendy way to get the looks for the summer & resort wear. Pairing it up with a nude or trancy shirt blouse would make the right impression. 
  • Shirts or Tops : the Formal office wear with thinner striped shirt or a jersey top to wear with your skirt or trousers. The girly look with the short skirt or elephant pants.
  • Jumpsuits : one of a kind fashion,with half striped effect and other plain, or a fully striped look, but remember the vertical stripes would do for a stout and for a standard height person.
  • Dresses : the fashion look of dresses, in zigzag or horizontal stripes will look perfect, in a short a-line dress, or a loose fitting dress, pair it up with a shrug or a blazer.
  • Blazers : the classy feminine look, wear it with a plain top and denim, or trousers and tee, be it in horizontal or vertical stripes.
  • Footwear : wear this striped footwear with a plain bottom or a striped blazer or shrug to get the harmonizing look.

Get the Look – Style Stripe Fashion

Kim Kardashian knows how to wear her Striped Blazer, wear the latest design of Zara, Striped Blazer.

Wear the semi-formal look with Woolworths, Striped Shirt Blouse.

Try the looks and now its easier to wear your stripes with the right pair up and match. It’s definite time to take the look down to the streets with stripes. Wear them in the b/w styles or the coloured look as per your required style.

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