How to Identify a Pure Silk Saree & Art Silk Saree – Basic Tips and Features

How to Identify a Pure Silk Saree & Art Silk Saree – Basic Tips and Features

How Exactly Identifying Pure silk saree from Artificial silk sarees can help you? Well there are a tons of companies making replicas and semi silk which look like pure silk but is actually art silk or fake silk. You need to pay the right amount for your silk sarees if they are pure or artificial. This blog here will help you get some points to identify and judge a pure silk saree before you purchase it.

These days you can end paying more amount of money for fake products. That is always something we can take care of by inspecting the things we buy. For instance silk sarees from Banaras are considered Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees, unless they are made in some other city and said to be pure. So the thing is knowing the basic features and also some basic tips to judge a pure silk saree can be helpful.

pure banarasi silk saree

Some of you may already have a pure silk saree and want to check if its not fake. Then these tips will still come in handy. You can watch the video above if you are familiar with Hindi, otherwise the tips below will help.

Basic Tips to Judge a Pure Silk Saree from Art Silk Saree

  1. Light test to judge silk

pure silk saree testing

Pure silks are normal short yarns and woven together in weft warp and zari threads. These creates a light effect which is uneven and may have two tones of color. For example if you find a saree that shines whitish all along then this is not a pure silk saree. You can check out the Top Trending Indian Designers for Silk Sarees to see how they make pure silk weaves which are traditional yet meant for today’s fashion.

2.  Warmth Test of Silk Saree

The silk yarn is made from silk worms, which is real silk. These have heating properties when rubbed together. If you rub a silk saree between the palms of your hands and within seconds you feel it heating up or warm then that could be real silk.

3. Burn Test of Silk Yarn

silk burn testing

This may look difficult to do at a store while buying the saree. But if you have a saree and want to confirm if its fake or pure you can try this test. Just take out the inner yarn of the saree and use a candle to burn this yarn or a smaller piece. As a result, the yarn smells like hair or leaves  burning its a real silk property. If it smells or turns like plastic know its fake silk saree.

4. The Zari Test of Pure Silk Saree

kanchipuram saree zari test for pure silk

Normally a pure silk saree would have real zari which is made from silver or sometimes even gold. But some pure silk sarees also have semi zari woven in them still making the saree yarn be pure silk. Real zari is expensive compared to plastic zari and the price can differ. But that couldn’t be enough to judge a pure silk saree. So the zari test comes in, if the zari of the saree is plastic it will have no color once the zari is uncoated. If you scrape it and find it having a reddish yarn or color know its real zari.

5. Ring Test for Silks

Most silk sarees have zari woven in between, palla or even side borders. This can make it hard to do the ring test of silk at a store. But if your saree is plain soft silk, it should definitely pass through a ring. Take the corner of the sari and pass the whole saree through the ring which most plain silk saree do pass this test.

Find out more ways to easily identify a pure silk saree and a art silk saree by watching tips in video above. You will get know some basic features of Banarasi silk saree and Chanderi silk saree too.

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