Planning the Best DUBAI Itinerary for 6-7 days – Best Dubai Travel Plan

Planning the Best DUBAI Itinerary for 6-7 days – Best Dubai Travel Plan

Normally when we think about planning a trip abroad, it’s good to book packages. But if you are an adventurous person and like planning your trips and itinerary on your own, then this post will help you for sure.

Dubai is paradise on Earth and also one of the One Destination you should visit at least in a lifetime. There are So Many Facts about DUBAI – UAE which makes it a must travel destination. I have been to Dubai once recently for 6 days and to be honest, 7 days are also not enough! So if you could manage and plan at least 10-14 days in UAE would be a part to live for as a travel memory.

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Here’s How to along to your Dubai Vacation for 6-7 days. There are some Points to note before you plan your dates:

Things to Note Before you Travel to Dubai

  1. Don’t visit Dubai or UAE during the Month of Ramadan(Ramzaan). This is the time when most of the shops are closed and there are strict rules you need to follow even as a tourist. You can not eat or drink water in public or open as it shows disrespect to the holy fasting citizens. Most restaurants re also closed in day time and only open at night hours after the fast is open.
  2. When visiting some tourist historic places, dress modest, showing above your knees and shoulder is considered wrong dressing. Eg – Mosques or Old Dubai visits. Carry a shrug or scarf and wear pants or long skirts and dresses. Although New Dubai is where you can flaunt all your outfits carelessly – Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai etc.
  3. Don’t carry Drugs! Its is a offense and you will go straight to Jail for having even the smallest amount of it with you.
  4. Drinking and Driving is also a great offense and you will be jailed. Alcohol is strictly to be available at pubs, some restaurants and bars only and no where outside these places. You cannot buy alcohol at Liquor stores as its only sold to those who have the license too.
  5. Just as a suggestion – Carry some protective heat clothes and a sun block. It is a very hot country and you may need Hats, Caps or even Umbrellas.


For more Pro TIPS on Travelling to Dubai and What to Know Before Planning a DUBAI Trip will be explained on our Video Guide coming Soon.

How to Travel in Dubai

Finding transportation from Dubai Airport is not a problem or from any emirates of UAE. You can find Taxis and also buses, Just be sure to know and research the bus route numbers. You can always ask about all this at the Info Desks.

Taxis to Dubai – Would cost the Most from AED 70 Minimum to your nearest Hotels. Eg: If your return flights are from Sharjah it can cost you from AED 150 onwards. We paid AED 200 from The Palms Dubai to Sharjah Airport. A basic taxi within Dubai would cot AED 12 minimum for any distance under 4km. (since our visit in Sept 2019)

Buses to Dubai – Buses are more cheaper and modest way to travel. Again you may have to swicth buses if you are making it from Abu Dhabi to Dubai or Sharjah to Dubai. You can see more Info about how to reach Dubai from Sharjah Airport form Our YouTube Video.

Metro in Dubai and UAE – Very easy to access and travel on. All you need is to know which is the nearest metro station to the spot you want to visit. There are mainly two routes of the trains in Green and Red lines. Although you may need a Different Metro NOL card from each emirate, that’s a different one for Dubai and another for Sharjah or Abu Dhabi for travelling around that province.

How To Spent 6-7 days in Dubai – Itinerary


There are so many activities in Dubai and around Dubai. Although here are a few must do and must visit places when in your Dubai Trip for 7 days. Tried to fit in all the top world wide known places first which won’t be a regret. We planned and booked our UAE and Dubai Excursions online before leaving for our trip. To know more about how and where to book online best deals of travel Excursions. We booked our on Klook, trust worth and many travel youtubers are also using this.

Remember when you plan your travel, keep in mind that most attractions are far away from another apart from those which are close by as well. So planning your accommodations wisely and then planning what to do in Dubai for 6 days will be helpful.

Eg- we had booked two hotels in Dubai. One is Bur Dubai – Majestic City Retreat Hotel which was very easy to get to all places. The Second Hotel was at The Palm Dubai- Hotel Royal Central, so here you don’t get metro on the island and also once on the island getting out and in is costly and takes time. So visiting the Atlantis Palm is great when here.

Day 1 in Dubai – Burj Khalifa & Dubai Mall


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Day 1 has the main highlight of Dubai with the World’s Largest Mall – The Dubai Mall and of course World’s Tallest Building – Burj Khalifa. The View of Burj Khalifa is also seen so close to Dubai Mall Promenade area. Entrance to The Top of Burj Khalifa is inside Dubai Mall.


Dubai Mall, High end fashion, haute couture dubai


When you have just freshened up, and are ready to visit the Dubai Mall by Afternoon or just by 11am then opt for this things done on Day 1. In case you have checked in later, that’s afternoon, then leave this destination for Day 2. You will need a Whole Day here.

The Dubai Mall is not only Famous for its structure and holds all the world’s retail outlets and designer houses. But it has one of the Largest Outdoor Fountain too. Also known for the Hugest Dubai Mall Food Court, The Dubai Aquarium, Underwater Zoo and VR. Entry to the Dubai Mall is Free.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – Dubai Mall

dubai mall aquarium, dubai aquarium, duabi underwater zoo


You will definitely see lots of SHARK species! and they are beautiful. The Aquarium is a huge Under water Tunnel from where you can see Marine Life and it is breath-taking.

Next go to the Underwater Zoo and you will see so many species of River life and Sea Life displayed here. It’s definitely scenic and worth a Visit. Tickets of these two together can cost you around AED 85 onwards.

Burj Khalifa – Observation Deck At the Top – 125 and 124 Floor Visit

The Entry here is from the Dubai Mall Lower Level and it takes around 15 mins if you have chosen a time which isn’t Peak hours.

( See More Details of How to Book and Go to Burj Khalifa, Experience on Youtube Video.)

burj khalifa observation desk, burj khalifa view from the top, at the top burj khalifa


The View is to Die for from the the top here. TIP – Buy your tickets to The Top online to skip the line at the counter at the Mall. I have simply loved the experience here and choosing time wisely is what will help you. If you are willing to see the city Lights opt for night or after sunset hours. Or choose morning and noon hours to see the Blue sea!

At the Top burj khalifa, experience at burj khalifa, what to do in dubai

We chose the 3.30pm Slot which was the last before Peak Hours (4pm to 6pm) The slots are available every 30mins from 9am in the morning. The View was Beautiful and we spent very good time on both floors 125th and the 124th level which is the open sky deck access.


Tickets to the 124th and 125th Level of Burj Khalifa – At the Top costs about AED 140 Onwards

Tickets to the 148th Level of Burj Khalifa – The Extreme Top costs AED 200 Onwards

The Dubai Fountain show

dubai fountain, dubai mall, what to do at dubai mall

It is what you shouldn’t miss when here. There are timings for this at noon from 13.00pm to 13.30pm and evening time is 6pm to 11pm every night.

We sticked around here to see the first 6pm show and then the 7 pm show as it turned dark. It is also worth a watch. Get yourselves some awesome snacks and supper around here for the show or also visit the Souk Al Bahar. The souk is a modern Market themed like the Traditional Souk here at the Burj Khalifa Lake Area. Take a look at the handicraft and Arabian Goodies around here.

Day 2 – Dubai Desert Safari

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The Golden city has got it’s name because it’s built in the middle of the golden desert. The Desert safari is an experience in its own to remember. Many locals and hotels offer such excursions as well. Opting for different Safaris which may include dinner or lunch.

We opted for the Evening Desert Safari with BBQ dinner. So if this what you are choosing for Day 2 then you can add more attraction for the before noon or Visit nearby attractions.

If you are staying at Jumeirah area Visit Lamer or Madinat Jumeirah. If you are staying at Downtown Dubai or Bur Dubai and Old Dubai spent time around here at Dubai Museum, Al Fahidi, Al Seef or try the Malls like Mall of Emirates.

We Explored the Burjuman Mall and had to shop for few things there as it was closer from our hotel.

Pro – Tip if you stay at Bur Dubai, Visit the Al Fahidi Fort for Dubai Museum, Meena Bazar or Al Seef before or after your Desert Safari Tour.

The Desert Safari holds some awesome adventure of 5 to 6 hours of fun. Dune Bashing will be the best of all and the performances at the Desert Camps. Also enjoy Sheesha and drinks apart from the Food and BBQ. You will see Belly Dance and some Fire Stunt Performances.

dubai deser safari, Dubai safari, desert safari campsite

Also additionally they charge for Sand-boarding and Quad Biking at the Desert.


NOTE – There are many tour operators of Desert Safari but go with those which have good reviews. We also booked this online on Klook.

Take a Look at our Instagram Feed of Dubai Travel Photos

Day 3 in Dubai – Day Trip to Abu Dhabi

grand mosque, sheikh zayed mosque, abu dhabi tour


You can book this tours also from your hotels or online. This will be easier as the tour starts early in the morning from 8am onwards. The time from the road takes around 1hr 30 mins from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. This is also one of a must do activity while on your Dubai Trip.

The world’s second largest Mosque is here – The Grand Mosque. This is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is worth a visit fir it’s fine architectural and cultural beauty. This is the main attraction here so make sure you Visit this and for which must be dressed well.


NOTE – Dressing is Strict for the Grand Mosque Entry

Women – Must wear Long Skirts or Dresses and Full Sleeves. Have a Scarf or Pashmina to cover Head. You will also be give Abaya inside after securty check if they still don’t find your dress appropriate. You can return it back while returning after security check.

Men – Dress in full pants and also no bare shoulders. Half sleeve shirts and tshirts are allowed but not Sleeveless.


The Center of the Mosque has a One of the Biggest Chandelier of the world. Again the place is jaw dropping and place is beautiful.

The Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is a place set up where the ancient era of Emirates people lived. Showing a condition of the same time then before the development as we see it today. Emirates Palace and Louvre Museum is also on the list but just for picture stops.

Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi, Abu dhabi city, louvre museum


Pro Tip – If you are driving to Abu Dhabi visit the Emirates Palace and also visit the World’s 2nd Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. If you have one more day or Night here in Abu Dhabi, Visit Ferrari world or Yas Island for some adventure!

Day 4 in Dubai – Old Dubai and Sight Seeing Around

Dubai City Tour, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Icon


This day is perfect to see some of the most famous places in Dubai. Visit the Dubai Frame the new addition since 2018. Go to the prestigious places like Burj Al Arab, Blue Mosque or Jumeirah Mosque, Souks, Deira and more.

We advise you to Go for a Sight seeing Tour and the places mentioned should be what you are interested in. We opted for a half day city tour with and not a full day tour.

Explore Old Dubai Souks – The Gold Souk and Spice Souk.

dubai souks, gold souk dubai, spice souk, deira dubai

You would love this experience around Old Dubai with some awesome time here. Experience tradition and culture, buy some authentic spices and Dates here. Shop for some Fin pure Gold form the Best Gold Souks. Sit in a Traditional Water Taxi known as Abra boats.

Cross the Dubai Creek from Bur Dubai to Deira Souk Area in the Water Abra. a 5-10 Mins ride and you are on the other side. Great Experience. Also find the Dhow Dinner cruises here. You can Plan in advance if you will be dining here on the Dhow Cruise.

Dubai Frame

the Dubai Frame. dubai places of interest

The World’s Largest Standing Frame which also has access to the top level where you can see Old dubai from one side and New Dubai from the Other side. This is also a great experience and also save some time to see the Future of Dubai as you exit and Ancient Dubai when you take entry.

This is also situated at Zabeel Park and if you want to relax you can stop by and take the entry from the gates here.

Miracle Garden

Visit the Flower Garden here in Dubai also known for it’s beauty of its man-made flower structures. flowers from different types of species are also here.

Stroll by Burj Al Arab

You will come down here at the Jumeirah Beach and can see the beautiful Burj Al Arab. You can take entry if you have some Lunch or dinner reservations apart from Accommodation. It is the only 7 start Hotels in the World which is the 4th Tallest Hotel of the world where the top 3 are also in Dubai.

You will also be taken to the Blue Mosque and it is also very beautiful. The Jumeirah Mosque does not permit entry inside hence now for tours, they take us to the Blue Mosque.

After your Half day City Tour best is to visit your Next Destination planned.

La’mer Dubai

Lamer Dubai, dubai new beach area, graffity walls dubai, lamer

This has opened in 2017 and is one of the most attracting spots for tourists and residents. La’mer beach is a destination which has a huge beach front place filled with restaurants, fancy cafe’s, bars and retail stores. have fun with the graffity walls, painted street art, well themed quirky places to bring you feel alive!

We took a taxi in the evening around 6 to La’mer. We spent most our night here by walking through the beach front and many shops to entertain us with their outdoor decor.

La’mer is a must come destination while on your trip to Dubai. Advised to come here after evening to avoid heat and also see the beautiful lights set up here. If you are a beach person and love summers, come here in day time during winters.

Day 5 in Dubai – Jumeirah, JBR walk

jumeirah dubai, jbr walk, jumeirah beach

Plan day 5 for some relaxing shopping or water activities. We chose Jumeirah as we Switched our Hotel at the Palm Dubai and chose to go to the nearer destination.

Yet Dubai Marina is a beauty in itself you can definitely travel here on Day 6. Suggested Things to Do at Jumeirah Dubai by Trip Advisor.


Visit the Jumeirah Beach Residents is a beautiful drive through area which also has a JBR walk and cycling path which you could try up during evening times or early morning at 7 am.

Choose to visit the Jumeirah Public Beach or Kite Beach to spend some time near the awesome shore next to the Burj Al Arab. Plan you day in advance for this. You could plan a picnic or have some  hours at the beach here. or Go for the Water Sports here! Jetski, Surf Board, or visit Aqua Fun!

Visit the Wild Wadi Water Park here for some awesome time. It’s got some wonderful rides and you can also see the ocean while on the rides here.

At evening we suggest you head to Madinat Jumeirah for an Awesome experience of Fusion tradition and Modern Souk.

Madinat Jumeirah


madinat jumeirah, souk madinat jumeirah, modern souk dubai

This is one most recommended destinations even on your 3-4 days tour. Madinat Jumeirah is a Resort area which also holds the Souk Madinat Jumeirah for the public.

Built with a water canal which has a personal Abra boat ride taking you around the whole resort and also where you get to see the Burj Al Arab in it’s closet view from the promenade of the Souk and Resort.

Shop at the Modern indoor souk which is made like the ancient souk with the dessert feel but with air conditioning making you feel relaxed. Find many souvenirs and crafts or some high end brand stores of watches, clothing, jewelry.

Eat out at the promenade restaurants for the best views or eat at the restaurants inside in the alleys of the souk. You can find all kinds of cuisines and cafes as well as Sheesha(Hooka) too here. We chose a Lebanese restaurant and had some very goo time here.

Day 6 in Dubai – Dubai Marina – The Palm, Atlantis


the palm dubai, hotels at the palm, five star hotel at the palm dubai

Day 6 can be your resort relax day, like it was ours as we were at the Palm Dubai – Hotel Royal Central Five Star. Experience the Five Star Luxury stay till afternoon. Or choose to head our to the Atlantis for some Adventure time.

Relaxing a good day at the beach shore of the Palm is what we opted and love this man-made island.

Atlantis the Palm – Activities

atlantis dubai, atlantis the palm, what to at the palm dubai

You can plan to take a taxi to the Atlantis and Buy tickets to Aquaventure Water Park or Aquarium and other activities here! You can also visit the limited stores here while on your main entrance. Spend time till evening and head back to change and leave for Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina Walk

dubai marina, new dubai, best places in dubai

Dubai Marina is one of the new parts of Dubai with a Beautiful Harbor of Yachts and boats sailings round the canal. The walkway here at the Marina is great to b during evening and when dark. Witness the tall standing building structures with lights shining at night.

Take a sail through the marina canal and enjoy the view of the residents and commercial buildings here. There are also plenty of cafes, restaurants and bar to give you the best of dinner.

Try the Dinner cruise at the Marina, for an awesome luxury experience while sailing your way around. This is one experience to choose apart from the Traditional Dhow Dinner Cruise.

Also go for the Boat ride that takes you around from Jumeirah, to sail by Burj Al Arab, Atlantis and Marina. Do this during the day time.

Day 7 in Dubai – Visit the Theme Parks of Dubai


If you are still here for the whole day on Day 7 in Dubai, Plan it for the theme park! Visit the Global Village Dubai which is a must see if you are at this places during its running season. (Only 6 months a Year from Mid Oct)

Visit IMG World Dubai, or got for Motion Gate Dubai, Bollywood Park or any other that would interest You.

If you are checking out at Noon Today, then plan some good lunch before you leave Dubai. Head to the Jumeirah, The Palms or Downtown Dubai to Find the Best Places.

Or choose to Dine in the Sky at the Flying Cup or choose to have lunch under the water? Go to Atlantis Ossiano for a wonderful under water glass aquarium dine experience.

Best Things to Do in DUBAI for 6 or 7 days trip was based on what we planned and know while we were in Dubai. This is just a suggestion and this is not a sponsored post. Although the post contains some helpful links to guide and plan your bookings for excusrions and activities.

Also Follow our YOUTUBE Channel to See More of the Real Experience of DUBAI Trip for 6 days.

Helpful Contents from Our Dubai Trip Plan:

Where did we book Excursions – Klook

Where did we Stay while in Dubai – Bur Dubai (Majestic City Retreat Hotel ) and The Palm Dubai (Hotel Royal Central the Palm)

Where we Booked Air Tickets and hotels – Goibibo

Dubai Visa – By a Tours Agency in our city back home

Where to find Money Exchanges – Everywhere from Airports, Dubai Mall, Bur Dubai Stations, Madinat Jumeirah, And everywhere we travel it is very easy to find one.

Where to Shop Gifts or Dubai Goodies – For Cheap Souvenirs try the shops which offer 1 – 20AED Stuff or La’mer, Deira Souks. For Gold, Spices and Handicrafts the Souks even if they are Modern Souks. For High end brands or any brands go to Dubai Mall or Mall of Emirates. For Electronic items – Visits Bur Dubai and find malls or Shopping complex and shops like Jumbo.

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