How to wear a Kashta Saree with Regular Saree Length

How to wear a Kashta Saree with Regular Saree Length

A Kashta is a back tuck at waist line of the fabric that’s draped on the bottom. A Traditional Kashta saree is a saree draping look done with a back waist tuck. This was introduced by the warrior women of Maharashtra in India. Today this style is still worn by working women like fishers.

Every now and then we seem to drape a saree in a different look. Wearing an Indo western saree or draping saree over western outfits. We also have a trend to wear sarees in traditional looks like Maharashtrian saree draping styles or Bengali saree draping technique.

In this post you can learn how to wear a Kashta Saree which looks like dhoti saree. The kashta saree is normally draped with 9 yards saree, but I will use a regular 6 yards saree.

Easy Kashta Saree Draping with Regular 6 yards saree


Step by Step Guide of Kashta Saree:

Kashta drape can have one border or two borders. This depends on length of kashta, so in this tutorial you can only do one border kashta.

1 To drape, wear your knee length leggigngs or tights. Blouse or Crop to to match the saree look.

2 Start draping saree from end or inside side by leaving 1.5m fabric on left. The take around waist from back and tie know of both sides of edge at center.

3 Take the shorter saree part on left and take it under between legs apart and pull it behind till your waistline. Make pleats to show border on top. Tuck this in your waistline at back, use pin to secure there.

4 Now take right side saree part which is long and take same way from between legs at back. Pull it till waistline and hold at top edge border. Make 2 pleats on length wise and tuck it in centre waistline but under the kashta tuck.

5 Take the palla and drape it in big pleats over from front to left shoulder. Make sure the pleats in front bodice cover your front look and pleats will not be even at the back pallu.

Variation of Dhoti Kashta Saree Draping

We have seen how the double side saree draping style looks different yet contemporary. Try out the dhoti style saree draping.

Here’s a video reference from other youtubers doing well with this drape.

Dhoti saree, kashta saree, dhoti style draping saree

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