Best Pre wedding Shoot Couple Poses to Try – Couple Photoshoot Ideas

Capture your story of Love and Commitment is something that’s tend to be on-trend, but I would say it actually means the world to those lovely couples keeping those pre wedding photos just cherished for lifetime. It’s a dream of every couple to capture of pause their life in one shot showing the happiness, love and joy they celebrate together, for being truly a perfect match forever,

My Pre Wedding Photoshoot – My Love Story at the Beach

My experience has it all to say, to feel the emotion, happiness and love and security of being together, coming together in one or many pictures just shot at the right moment and right spot. There some awesome destinations you can pick out for the pre wedding shoot or post-wedding photography. Just make sure what you choose will brighten up your relation with the actual shots clicked.
We picked the Beach as our special theme and yes, you don’t need an actual photographer to help you out, just a one with basics or get a friend to help you out, just like our friend came in handy and stood up for us. If you are a creative person, the ball’s in your court, create your theme, pick out props and clothes to match up, call for friends to help you out and get your camera out. We worked with a team of 4 only, and that’s all it takes, bride, groom, photographer friend and concept helping friend.
My story was planned and themed by me and my husband, and yes we took a lot of inspiration from Pinterest of course, thanks to all the pinners and photographers for clicking those images to help us finalise the poses we wanted to get on with. Choose your own couple poses to feel comfortable, and luckily i can edit pictures too so i know which shots and how to shoot them. It’s Okay if you aren’t into editing, but you can always hire a photographer to do best for you and take away all the pressure too. 🙂

Couple Poses for your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Here’s one more basic tip, be natural, and don’t be shy from the camera or from your team during the shoot. 


Bride and Groom: Aarti & Mustafa
Photography Credits: Meet Shah
Concept and Assistance: Tasneem Cutlerywala
Concept and Editing: Aarti & Mustafa

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