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Types of Retro Saree Style that Trend – Peshwas, Mumtaz, Traditional Styles

Retro saree style is made popular by Mumtaz, she wore her style or wrapping the saree around multiple times creating a statement. Whenever we hear the Retro saree look, mumtaz style saree is what strikes. BUT did you know there are more styles apart from these which are trending from those days?

Well I can give you some of the trending retro saree wearing styles from the old days. Let me list out some styles which are simple saree wearing styles still in. From the type of saree styles we choose from the type of saree draping types.

Retro Saree Styles That are Still Fashion

Like I mentioned, Retro sarees are still in, from vintage floral sarees to the type of saree wearing style we choose to wear a sari in.

Types of Retro Saree Draping Styles

1 Mumtaz Saree Style Draping

retro saree draping

Oh the best one in our memories. That Tight silhouette draping chiffon saree draped around 3 times on the lower torso. The border is what is shown in this style and looks very classic. Many bollywood actresses wore mumtaz saree style looks in their movies and photo-shoots too.

How to Wear Mumtaz Style Saree

mumtaz saree,

2 Retro Dhoti Saree – Maharastrian Kashta Saree

Well we can’t forget how important this drape is still for the Maharashtrian Ladies. They love preserving their traditional costume style by wearing it for weddings and festivals. From the Nauvari saree style to any kashta saree draping styles they are still the most popular retro sarees today.

How to wear Maharashtrian Dhoti Saree / Kashta Saree

Here’s how you can wear a normal saree to a kashta saree style. The Nauwari saree is a bit difficult but with right steps you can never go wrong.

marathi style saree draping


3 Peshwai Saree with Dupatta Wearing Style

Another version that is a massive hit from the maharashtrian saree wearing is the dupatta draping. From the era of Peshwas, the Peshwai saree was worn with a Dupatta drape along it.

It can also be seen worn in this styles today known as the saree and dupatta drape or double pallu draping styles. This is a simple retro saree look by using a dupatta with your saree. Even Priyanka Chopra wore the Dupatta and Saree style in Bajirao Mastani.

dupatta with saree


How to wear Dupatta with Saree

Easy, the retro style saree draping of maharastrian saree involves a dupatta drape over. You can wear in on one side from the back and hold the other side end in your hand or wrist. Or take both sides from shoulder from the back like a shawl.

There are more ways to wear a Dupatta with Saree Double draping look.

4 Simple Retro Nivi Style Saree

This is the style we wear everyday or everywhere. The Nivi style in retro days was were the Palla was not pleated well. They wore Cotton Sarees with smaller borders, which was just thrown in a gathered form over the left shoulder. Many actresses from Bollywood like Madhubala wore the nivi saree with out pinning at shoulder and just throwing it over the shoulder in gathers.


How to wear a Gathered palla Style Saree in Retro look

Not to mention this style still does work well. They never pleated or pinned it at the shoulder. Today the styles are worn with Georgette fabrics where we gathere the fabric on shoulder and wear a brooch to secure it unevenly there.

5 Retro Bengali Style Saree

We cant miss this one, even today woman wear bengali saree style. Its is a style that’s worn everyday or for weddings and occasions. The Styles then were more simple with the end of the bengali saree pallu on the right side. Well know a days we see more variations.

bangali saree

BUT it still is a Retro Saree look.

How to Wear a Bengali Saree Drape

We all know how easy saree draping is, even if its a Bengali saree style. I have done a Video of Bengali Saree Draping step by step. It will certainly help you to achieve the look.

bengali saree styles


6 Gujarati & Parsi Saree Draping Styles

Another very commonly worn sarees that were worn in old days and is still worn today. The Gujarati saree is also known as ulta palla. And there is little variation of palla length in this which is then known to be Parsi Saree.


Wearing a Retro style Gujarati saree is seen even today in Gujarat. The Parsi saree is one with soft fabric and intricate floral thread work borders.

parsi and gujarati sarees

How to Wear Gujaratri Saree & Parsi Saree Style

  • Instead of making skirt pleats which open of left, your pleats will face right side.
  • The simply take palla from left to back siee.
  • Bring it forward from the back to right shoulder and pin it there.
  • You can also open and spready the inner pleat across the left side of waist.
  • A Parsi saree is worn saree way. Just that the palla is kept longer till the front knee level.
  • Parsi sarees are known to be Retro styles from the way they look and type of saree used for the look.

Types of Retro Saree Fabrics & Patterns still In Trend

Floral sarees

Floral or vintage saree in floral are the top trending sarees today. Wearing them in a any style from open pallu to pleated palla at shoulder. We have seen a major come back of these floral saree from old days.


floral saree

Actresses loved to carry these sarees in big floral patterns or even bunches. The saree base usually remained light or white with colorful flower patterns.

Chiffon Sarees

The Times when Chiffon plain saree rocked the fashion industry thanks to a few actresses of than and middle era. Wearing a chiffon saree in open nivi style is what still trends. Simple thin border or just a fabric patti. The retro saree blouses then used to be high neck from back side and low from front.

chiffon saree retro

Cotton Sarees

The Cotton sarees in thin fabric weave was much in trend. From women wearing it in open palla style or in half pleat drape. The sarees had thinner contrast borders in weave or print design. These are still worn today as of comfort and style. Some now come in prints.

cotton sarees types


Tissue sarees

How can we forget the so much BACK in Trend Tissue Sarees. Rekha loved to style these sarees from old days, and her love for golden tissue still trends. The organza sarees are back in trend with embellished borders and buttas on sarees. The bets way to wear a Organza tissu saree is in open palla style.

tissue silk saree

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