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Saree wearing styles – 1 Saree in 10 Ways for Wedding Party

Saree wearing styles have been in the trending high, especially plain saree with designer blouse. So why not find out how to wear plain saree in different ways with different tops and draping styles for ladies who like to carry a simple saree look. We can all just invest in some good plain saree with border or a only plain saree in flowy fabrics like georgette, satin, crepe, etc. This will help adding different looks to your saree styles each time you carry it with different blouses and clothings pieces and different draping styles.

1 Plain saree in Different styles

We have got this lovely video tutorial to give you an idea how to wear the same saree in different ways by using mix match indian wear tips and of course saree draping ways. Aa you will need is a good color of saree and pieces which are nuetral for easy mix match techniques for sarees.

In the video above we have 8 styles plus 2 variations of the drape which will again add different looks. Below are some elaborated plain saree wearing styles to keep you stylish.

Plain Saree Wearing for Party

There are ways you can style your plain saree for a party look. Start by purchasing a dark or bright crepe saree like black saree, bottle green plain saree or a orange plain saree. Style it with contrast plain blouses like red, gold or black designer blouse. You can also wear blouses with patterns like bell sleeves, or cape style saree blouse or minimal work designer blouse with sari.

saree with designer blouse

For a modern look add a crop top which may fit well like a t-shirt blouse. In the video your can see a black crop top which is plain ye looks stylish when worn with a different loose cowl drape. Adding a belt to complete the look will also be great for a party wear look. See style 2 and 3 in the above tutorial to see how to wear saree with belt for party wear.

saree and belt

Saree Wearing for Winters

Another great way to stay cosy during winters in a sari, would be wearing turtle necks and sweaters instead iof blouses. Its such a stylish way to style sari for winter with knit tops. All you need is nuetral colors like white, black or beige to wear with saree. Also see last 2 draping styles in video above to get an idea of wearing saree with turtle neck for winter look. You can drape it in nivi style or also in a cowl and pleated look.

You can also wear the saree in pleats at shoulder and add on a black or dark color blazer over your saree. Or another variation is to wear blazer as your top and drape saree in from blazer button and out from there over your shoulder to show your pleats. Its such a chic way to wear saree with blazer these days.

saree for winter

Plain Saree draping in Modern Styles

The saree in plain style can be styled in drapes which work well for a modern look. Try wearing saree with your t-shirt and pants in a pant style saree drape. Or choose the double pallu drape with a saree and dupatta draping style. You can also learn to wear sari with cowl dhoti drape which gives a modern look to your entire look. Same way pairing the plain saree with peplum tops and kurtis can give an indo fusion chic appearance.

modern saree draping

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