15 Best Viral Fashion Hacks Videos to Transform Clothes | NO Cutting, NO Sewing clothing

As the trend keeps changing and from DIY fashion ideas to Fashion Hacks that really transform your look, can be great! But what about the Viral Fashion Hack ideas that are just too much to take in? How well do they really work in REAL Life? Or are just a a Fake Created look by Influencers to just get Engagement? So many Questions Right!

How About we Give you some of the BEST Tested Viral Fashion Hacks that really work well? So that’s what I have put together some great Fashion Hacks for You to TRY yourselves as they are a success with NO cutting and NO Sewing efforts.

Here is also a VIDEO on Trying out Viral Fashion Hacks from Instagram and See How they Went If you want to see TREND VS REALITY!

Here is the List to What really Works!

Best Viral Fashion Hacks For Women that Really WORK!

  1. Tees / Tshirt Fashion Hacks that are Great

Wearing a Large Tshirt and creating a crop top out of it. So many ways you can do this by knotting it up differently or using a Bangle to create a tucked in waist effect look. Also watch the Video to see how well it did kind of work!


Transform t-shirt to off-shoulder crop top by wearing it upside down! That’s crazy right, but it does work well as long as it is 2 sizes bigger than your real size. TRIED and worked Perfect. Watch Video at 0.43 seconds above.ย 

wearing tshirt hacks for women

2. Shirt Blouses Fashion Hacks Ideas

The shirts can be worn differently to create a fancy pattern top or even a fancy dress look from a shirt. Here are some awesome ways to restyle your shirts.

Wear a large or your boyfriend shirt like a dress. Wearing one side sleeve under your arm and by wrapping and tucking it around to create a cinched under bustline look. Go for any rough and heavy fabric shirt like denim or cotton.

wearing button up shirt like dress

Wear your collared shirts like a v-neck blouse top by simple folding in the collar and placket. You can create a tunic with v-neck or tuck it in like a shirt. You can also just tie it up at the waistline for a different look.

How about wearing your shirt around, wear the back at the front and tie a knot at the back. This may give you a different look and if you have just the right kind of shirt this trick would work. Although finding a shirt that has a pleat at the back or is just to bagging won’t work for this hack.

different ways to wear shirt for women

I saw this great trick where using two same kind of shirts with different colors or pattern into one! Thanks to the Influencer for bringing this one out. Just wear the shirts together and button each side together. Watch the video below to see how it work.

Another great way is to wear your shirt into a wrap around blouse top. Don’t button your shirt, instead gather the corners and tuck ion your high waist bottom on one side, and do the same from the other side of your shirt and tuck in opposite side of your bottom. This creates the overlapping neckline effect.

wrap style button up shirt

3. Palazzo Fashion Hacks

Palazzo pants have been in trend for couple of years and wearing these for any body figure is great. Wearing a wide legged palazzo with a soft flowy fabric with this hack will work best. Wear your palazzo pants up till your chest from one leg only. fasten the other leg around your waits to create a belt like look. This gives a sleek one-piece outfit look in seconds.


4. Skirts Re-wearing ideas

Whether you have midi skirts or maxi skirts they all can be worn differently for a stylish appeal. Try wearing your long maxi skirts over your chest for a tube dress look. Cinch the waistline for a fancy and chic look.

fashion hacks for women

Wear your mini skirt as a tube top. It its got center buttons or zipper you can bring that to the front side and tuck in the edges in your bra. Easy way to get a tube top with a mini skirt.


5. Tank Tops Re-fashion ideas

Wear your tank tops in different ways by creating a different neckline or a different clothing all by its self. TRY the Switch of straps and crisscross them from one shoulder to other. This creates a key-hole neckline effect instantly. WATCH the Video Above to See how it is done.

Try the same crisscross effect and wear it like a skirt, it turns out to be a fancy midi skirt perfectly. TIP – It best suits slimmer body figures or hourglass body shapes.


Another easy way is to go for a twist, if you have a midriff tank top or a crop top with straps. Re-wear one side of the arm by twisting it around and re-wear it. This creates a twisted center line pattern. Video below will help.


6. Scarves Fashion Hacks Ideas

And there are of course so many ways you can style a SCARF into a top or a skirt. There are numerous ways you can restyle a scarf and use it as a fashion hack to transform the look.

Wearing your Scarves as a Tops, there are so many ways to do this. And the ones which work best and are viral scarf hacks are shown below.

scarf fashion hacks

You can also drape your scarves with your regular clothes to get a new look. Do the same with mufflers or shawls. See How best to Wear A Shawl in Different Ways.

fashion hacks with shawls

Also Check out how to wear a scarf in 11 different ways over your hair or around your neck.

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