Exploring Kerala – What Kerala is Like in Real from God’s Own Country

Exploring Kerala – What Kerala is Like in Real from God’s Own Country

We traveled to Kerala in the end of last year(2017) as a small family trip. We chose Kerala as it is the place that is best at the time we visited it and knowing it is an experience we shouldn’t miss keeping in mind he BIG tag line defining the place known to be ‘God’s Own Country’. We had 5 days in Kerala had 4 places to cover starting from Kochi-Munnar-Thekkady-Alleppey.

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We have vlogged our experience of the 3 major places starting with Munnar and the Videos are already up on our channel – Travelling With Rob & Rt. Honestly speaking about Kerala, Not the every place is like heaven there, so I wouldn’t say the tag line given to the state is so true and the real review from our own opinion is different from what others see it to be. We have also been to North India – Manali and Kullu and YES we agree with the Tag line definition of ‘The Valley of Gods’ which is perfect and gives you the exact feel once you witness the landscapes, atmosphere and lifestyle you see there. (Also Check out our Kullu – Manali Vlog)

We were so sure we would love Alleppey and the experience is sure to take once in your lifetime but Munnar was supposed to be paradise, which din’t work out for us at all. We totally underestimated Thekkady though, It’s one of the best times we had in our small Kerala Trip. Below are more details on Places Reviews in Kerala from what we say again is our own Experience.

Exploring Munnar and Place Review – Kerala

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Munnar is a tea plantation district and you would love to see this, but there is nothing that brings hype to the place, the tourist entertaining hospitality definitely lacks here. Apart from Eravikulam National Park there isn’t anything you would want to cherish as memories to be a Holiday well spent in Kerala. Places known to be as resorts are not actually resorts and just have basic facilities as a B&B, ours was the worse which is I-Cloud Resort which had no service for guess at all not even a proper Kitchen for meals or at least Breakfast.

When we arrived in Kochi, Munnar was at leats 4hours away and there was a strike at Munnar due to Political Issues, so we had wasted the first day staying a Stupid Resort or say Bed and Breakfast with luch which was burnt and the place was 20km away from main town Munnar, and no other place near the Hotel to eat. The only thing we could say is the next day for us was to quickly cover up the major posts to see at Munnar and that’s what we decided to do.

Places of Interests in Munnar

Eravikulam National Park, Nilgiris, Tea Plantation spots on the way, Tea Factories, Mattuattey Dam/ Lake (Which wasn’t that interesting to us) and a floriculture centere. That’s the only places we could cover up in one day. We did see some good Waterfall spots on the way to Munnar from Kochi and a Spice Garden. Watch the Vlog on Exploring Munnar – Travelleing with Rob & Rt.

Exploring Thekkady and Place Review – Kerala

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This place was honestly just on pur plan and we never thought it o be the best time after even a 4 hours drive from munnar to this place. We spent a heck of a good time in Thekkady, from taking up lunch at our hotel Micheal’s Inn Thekkady and getting on a private Jungle Jeep Safari at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary was one of a lifetime experience. Though don’t expect to see wildlife animals, with your naked eyes :p , you need to carry Binoculars for this. We din’t see animals but the Jungle Jeep safari and a good driver like ours is always entertaining for 3-4 hours!

In the Evening we had bought Kalari Martial Arts Show tickets for the two of us and was also a mind blowing experience! If Kalari is not your thing, do watch Kathakali show and both are normally showcasing at the same places. We went to Mudra Kalari Centre which we review 5/5 from our experience! Watch our Thekkady Vlog to see Kalari Martial Arts Show! The town is small but the place is something which makes you feel you are close to Kerala Culture.

Places if Interest in Thekkady

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can take up a Jungali Safari Tour or a Periyar River Tour, Watch the Kerala Cultural shows at Culture centers all around Town at walk-able distances. Buy Kerala delicacies or Wafers, souvenirs to remind of Kerala at it’s best from here. Hiking and camping tours, Periyar Lake, and Periyar Tiger Reserve Tour. Watch our Vlog on Thekkady – Jungle Safari Experience Kerala.

Exploring Alleppey Backwaters and Place Review – Kerala

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This place now defines Kerala and it’s beauty of Backwaters! The Houseboat stay is a must thing to plan while in Alleppey. The experience cannot be stated out over written words, but the serene peaceful life at the backwaters on a moving boat is fabulous. Watching the sunset and sunrise in the morning while taking your Tea is the best thing. The staff was very friendly and co-operative and the you can always book yourself into the resorts on the banks as the Houseboat is parked out during evening for the night. To see more please watch the Vlog on – Alleppey Backwaters Houseboat Stay for 24 hours.

So this was all about the small experience of 4 nights we had at Kerala, though we do agree that all places must be on your travel list but just don’t expect all to be the best.

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