Holy Places to Visit in Rajasthan, India

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Travel and Tours to wonderful getaways are very needy for a human being to explore inner peace and relief stress. It’s the best Happiness therapy in other words, this is what I have mentioned earlier too in the post Travel Motivation. There’s more to travel than just happiness, something to really do with inner peace, that is visiting pilgrim places. My visit to a Holy Shrine in Galiakot, Rajasthan was simply beautiful and divine.

A place called the Holy Shrines of Islam which is so beautiful and has a belief of pure divinity which over powers the negative and dark forces. Rajasthan has so much to do with Indian Historical places and Top Pilgrimage places. The beauty of this land during winter is just outstanding. You can get all those chills from below 10 degrees to a normal 17-18 degrees in the day time during winters. It’s green and fresh in winters which feels up energy which makes it so beautiful.

Images of this Beautiful Holy Shrine in Rajasthan at Mazar – E – Fakhri, Galiakot.

Early Morning in Rajasthan

Holy shrine galiakot, Mazar-e-fakhri, galiyakot

Rajasthan holy shrine galiakot, mazar-e-fakhri, stay at pilgrim place
View from the Balcony of the room.
Rajasthan getaway, divine places in rajasthan,

Rajasthan, Galiakot place review, holy place rajasthan

There are so many places apart from this magical shrine I visited which brings you purity and destroys evil, situated in the state. I will be visiting Top 10 Pilgrim Places in Rajasthan and post up this list for you to explore all by yourself.

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