Life During the Corona Virus Outbreak & 40 days Lockdown in India 2020

Life During the Corona Virus Outbreak & 40 days Lockdown in India 2020

We know it’s hard to believe that everything was Just well in Dec 2019, but Since Jan 2020 the year has been harsh on all. The Corona Virus Outbreak still seems to be a great Pandemic Situation even Today! (April 2020)

The Government of all the countries are taking so many precautions and new Bans are put out each day with the increase of rising cases of the virus. India where we live now has already been in LOCK-DOWN for 21 Days since 25th March 2020. Some states like Ours Gujarat, and Maharashtra were already on Lockdown since 22nd March, So it is easy to say we will be living a 24 days lock-down. But we all being Responsible citizens do our part to STAY HOME.

NOW we have come under Lockdown 2, which was declared from 15 April to 3rd May. 19 Days Lockdown Phase 2 in India.

And I am staying in a RED ZONE Area in My City Surat, is Under CURFEW Now as in 2 days cases have raised way to higher. (17 April 2020)

It was currently heard in the News and Social Media posts that Now Necessity Products will be delivered at your door steps. The State Government is trying hard to knock some sense into panic buyers. But I am sure the Government obviously has much to do around handling citizens and giving door to door check up facilities for Covid-19 suspected cases.

Another 19 days Lockdown in India due to Corona Virus

From 15th April 2020, we in India came under lockdown 2, which despaired the hopes of many workers and population below poverty line. The government has taken multiple steps to help the poor and daily wage earning workers. They are giving rations and cooked meals to all the people the can.

NGOs Helping to Cook & Feed the Poor

In cities like Surat, where the NGO’s are helping to feed the needy too have made a big change. The city feeds more that 5.5lakh people twice a day during this pandemic lockdown. This act has been the first in the entire state and makes it easy to unite and donate food.

5 roti donations went viral all over the state

The 5 roti donation by Geeta, has now gained utmost donations from more than 20000 homes. The act was just to make 5 rotis extra everyday from every house of the societies that want to help. And while the other NGOs cooked the sabji for the giving away with the roti. We are obliged that this act too into effective and they will continue to do so till the lockdown is ineffective.

Like these there are many others around the country in all the cities helping to cook meals, food packets for the needy. From a Single lady operative effort to a big NGO, India is doing everything for it’s people.

Credits Source : Milap

india police feeds poor

The government is also helping those who need food supplies or cooked meals. They ( on duty officers) dont get to eat properly sitting at their homes but are doing all they can to feed beggars, poor, workers and anyone like criminals who not abiding the law and rules of lockdown violating in groups. (Read More on this after the Pollution Improvement Effects Below)

Let’s TRY to be Responsible to save the nation.

Positive Effects of the Lockdown

Despite being in lockdown has caused financial crisis to many citizens, specially the daily wage earned workers, the cities are clearing air pollution. This is something big, which can also give us a better air to breathe in future. India comes under a country with worst air pollution index as many of it’s cities are under poor air quality.

how lockdown has improved pollution

Pollution is Low compared to Before Lockdown


lockdown improves air pollution in india

Many cities liek Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Yamuna Nagar, Dhwarka and others have recorder clear skies, clear rivers including Ganga river. We could have never achieved this with any efforts.

A drop of 30% AQI levels have seen around worst polluted cities, and some even record a drop of 50% in AQI. Improving air quality.

india improves air quality after lcokdown

Maybe the Government can take strict actions like this weekly in a year or twice to low down the worst polluting habits of mankind. It will only be easier to live in a cleaned country or world.

Read More on Improving Air Quality from Dirtiest to Cleaner in India due To Lockdown.

Unity by Helping Others

This is something mentioned above, where India is cooking for the needy out of goodness. There is more to just than cooking and giving them meals. The nation has also raised donation to help the needy not only in food but shelter or clothing where required. PM fund is a donation raised directly by Government. There are many more who have raised donations to help the needy, like Pay wallets, Delivery partners, and more.

Respecting the Daily necessity job workers like Sewage and Garbage cleaners, Policemen, Doctors, Nurses, Bankers, dairy and other food factory staff and all other Government staff who all work daily for others.

Delivery Boys and staff of Swiggy, Zomato come together to deliver groceries and necessity items despite being at risk of the virus. They have been taking goods door to door with out contact to keep their customers and people safer at low risk.

Indian Government Initiatives to Fight Corona Virus

The Enforcement Section and Police has taken multiple strategies to keep people safer. By taking up initiative to go visit doors to test and investigate the suspected which have been in contact with covid 19 patients or have travel history in recent times.

Going to various locations to sanitize the houses, buildings, streets and everything that can be sanitized there. Volunteers of political parties and Firemen too other social workers are being helpful by sanitizing the cities.

sanitizing the city surat

They have transformed the Trains to Isolation Wards, Indian railways have been very helpful with the staff to take credits. Working day and night to quickly disinfect and make clean compact train berths and sections to isolation wards.

indian trains made to isolation wards

There have been some cases where the public in some areas are not co-operative and have assaulted the Police officers, doctors, nurses too. They work for us and our safety yet they are being treated this way. It isn’t easy going out there to stop you for catching the virus of for your essential needs they sit at their desks, or to cure you they have to come in contact with you. It’s not their wish but their duty and they do it happily.

What Activities will help you in Lockdown

Apart from thinking and just reading about the Covid-19 updates or good deeds someone else is doing. You can do much more, you dont need to go out and help others or donate if its against your will. NO, just stay home and do something for yourself first.

Work for yourself first, and that is whats important. Keep you and your family happier.

  1. Learn Cooking or baking , try cuisines that you can make easily at home.
  2. Spend quality time with family members, play games, talk about incidents, watch movies together.
  3. Work out at home, to loose weight or gain weight in a healthy way.
  4. Read books, any kind that makes you happy, or see videos of motivational speakers and those that spread positivity
  5. Try Yoga and Pranayam to rejuvenate your inner body and strength or do meditation at home.
  6. Have some video calls or just calls with your family away or relatives to stay connected in Lockdown.
  7. Learn some skills like drawing, painting, sewing or learn a language.
  8. Learn Digital Topics like, Social Media, Marketing, Writing, Videography, Photoshoot or any hobbies you have.

There is more and un-ending things you can do while trying to be safe from corona virus.

Just Keep Calm and Abide the Lockdown no matter How hard it Gets for you to sit indoors. The Government and other workers who work for you daily are doing everything they can. Respect them and do your part.


paper holding messages from civilians during covid

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