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Life in Usa for Indian | Pros & Cons of Living in Usa Vs India

While we all had dreams to Settle USA or at least most people have this dream, it’s hard to believe that we may not be living up tp the right expectations of life in USA for Indian. I have heard this from many Indians in US, who came down on a Work permit or a Study Visa and now are struggling with loneliness and unhappiness.

Well, I dont want to be the one to pass the statement here, its a fact, look at the pros and cons of living in usa vs india. To actually know what you are going to find when you live there as an Indian immigrant.’

NOT to forget that there is a huge Indian population in USA that has been living here for almost 3 generations or more. They seem very happy with their lives. But remember that for new Indian immigrants, United States can be a bit of a struggle although the standard of living is high compared to India.

Pros & Cons of Living in Usa for Indians

As per the video you can understand that life in usa for indian may be a bit hard as compared to life in India. Any one either that’s on H1B visa or Student Visa will find their own cons and pros of this country like we did.

Take a look at the brief points of Indians in America and what to expect when you come here as an Indian Student or Indian Immigrant.

Pros of Life in Usa for Indian – India Vs Usa

1. High Standard of Living

As an Indian the quality of life in America is more than what we find in India. Basic Amenities include what are luxuries in India. From Dish washer, Oven, Central Ac and Heating to a Washer and Dryer are Basics. If you Buy a house some would be inbuilt and if your rent a home, you will get most of thee included. Houses are more equipped and the residency or apartments have facilities to keep owners and tenants comfortable.

2. Clean and Less Pollution

Unlike India, most of the cities and states have good AQI and also there is less noise pollution. Well sewage system services as well as clean drinkable tap water. Not all states and cities of India have the very best Air Quality and there is a major problem of litter management. Watch the Video above to see more on Cleanliness in USA vs India. No wonder Life of NRI in USA are happier.

3.  Respect and Value

There is no comparison that can win and is the best Pro of living in America. Your work and you are valued and respected here. No matter what work you do. Indian students in Usa normally work part time to fund their own fees, they don’t get very career oriented jobs and work in cafe, gas stations etc, but no matter what, they are valued and they get enough respect. This is what we don’t get to see in India.

Watch the video on Last point to know more.

Cons of Living in USA for Indians

Of course as Indians you will feel a lot lacking form your full of emotions and cultural country.

  1. Cost of Living in Usa Vs India

Yes, it’s very true, life is expensive in America for foreigner. The small things you get in India, for small amount, is not what you can find here. Comparing the bills and groceries your buy, it costs way more than that in India, at least a 30-40% more as per the state you live in.

As an Indian you would crave for Indian food and groceries, yes that’s all available. But all at a more expensive price than other regular things and groceries. SO comparatively you as an Indian immigrant cost of living tends to be higher than Americans as your spent on buying foreign foods.

Eg: Ghee 1kg would be $35 while Vegetable oil is $3.

You are paying more Bills than you think, apart form the Rent. Check out Video Topic on Cost of Living for indians in Usa.

2. Transportation and Commuting is Hard

It’s hard to believe that United States being so de6eloped ha6 transportation services lacking right? Well it’s not the case for everyone but for Indians. There you can get a Riksha any kind any small village too, here no option in all cities for public transportation except cabs – Uber or Lyft. You need to go anywhere you need a Car or a Cab to drive you as places are far and not walkable like back home.

3. Medical and Help for Indian in Usa

These are two separate points but will state them here. Medical is very expensive here, visiting a clinic can cost you so much more than On the Counter Medicines. Not to mention the cost of ambulance if ever needed. In the same way if you need help, there’s a long way to go to make some good neighbors who really care and would help you out if ever needed.

Just mentioned few points above, The video has 6 pros and 6 cons of living in USA for Indians so do check it out. These are based on personal experience and opinion. We just want all our friends to know what the real life will be like incase you decide to move to America.

To Conclude, each country has it’s drawbacks and plus points for foreigners and natives living in the country. We love both countries.

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