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Mount Abu Best Places to Visit – Budget Trip to Mount Abu in Monsoon

We love Travelling around the World as much as India! Exploring most of the Best Places around India for Travellers should be on their bucket list. As Youtube Travel Bloggers, we made it to one of the most hyped Hills Station in Rajasthan – Mount Abu.

Exploring the place for 2 days and 2 nights was very interesting, as the hills station has many different spots and points of panoramic views and scenic beauties to nature walks and trails. We took up the whole Travel Journey on Two Wheelers and Vlogged the Experience of Mount Abu. Watch the Video below to catch up more about the place and do SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel Travelling with Rob & Rt for more travel updates.

Here is a very easy and Budget travel plan to  Mount Abu

Travel to Mount Abu by Road:

Travel To Mount Abu by Road Transportation, Sleeper Luxury Busses are a great option to reach Mount Abu early morning, as you don’t want to miss out on starting the day late and want to get set with your personal travel itinerary sooner.

  • The busses go off from all major cities and states around Rajasthan like Gujarat and Mumbai. It would cost anywhere from between INR 1000 – 2000 one way per person. We travelled from our city Surat to Mount Abu at INR 1000 Ac Sleeper Coach for 11hours.
  • Other options are to Rent up a Car or rent a self-driven car to Mount Abu from your home location.

On Reaching the City main bus stop, you can find many hotels and guest houses just on both sides of the roads as you walk towards the main town area. We booked our Mount Abu hotel on a budget price for a family room for 4 persons. We stayed at the Hotel Ashoka in the Main Market. You can watch the video above to see it was a very easy route and walk-able 2 mins distance to our hotel.

mount abu trip, road trip to mount abu, drive roads of mount abu
Driving through Mount Abu

Mount Abu Budget Hotels to Stay: Top 5 Budget Hotels in Mount Abu

  1. Hotel Ashoka

This is on the Top list as it’s the lowest in my list and its in the main market area with good comfortable amenities. The place has a restaurant and as a B&B option, and also family rooms with two or multiple beds. We stayed and here and are happy with our stay. It would cost around INR 1800/night for a room that’s a standard size.

2.  The Jaipur House Hotel

Situated by the lake it has a spectacular view away from the noisy city and is also on a budget price. If you like to spend your stay with calmness and a touch of Indian ethnicity, you will enjoy this hotel. It would cost around INR 3500/night for a room for 2.

3. Hotel Silver Oak

Again the clam side of Mount Abu, it’s scenic and a very calm resort with all the basic amenities given to you in a budget price. You will love the price campus space lawn they have which accommodates breakfast tables and to enjoy an evening tea time or snack. Price just at INR 3400/night for a lovely room.

4. The Fern Ratan Villas

This one is a well-maintained nature resort paradise and holds many good reviews of tourists. This is out of the main town but has a great view and cosy atmosphere for vacationists and they arrange everything for you when asked to from transportation to food menu customising. Priced around INR 3800/night for a room.

5. Sterling Mount Abu

well, this one definitely has to make it to this list of Budget-friendly hotels in Mount Abu as most of Sterling Hotels are equipped and styled to give away vacation luxuries at a budget price. So does this one do in the town, being its own little well vacation hotel stay places only price at INR 3500/night for a standard room.

There are so many hotels which range from INR 1500 too 3000 and I just haven’t mentioned those here but you can check those out too as they also look very comforting and most are in the heart of the town.

Best Places to Visit in Mount Abu:

Well, if you still haven’t seen our video on Mount Abu Travel, it’s linked right up there for you. Though I will brief up the places of interest and which are not to waste your time at.

  1. Guru Shikhar Mount Abu

The Place is on the highest peak of mount bu accessible by road. it’s a peak which has the Guru Dhwara on the top of the hill. A small market along the pathway filled with hawkers selling all kinds of stuff from accessories to artefacts. It has the best Panamoric Scene View from up here.

  2. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

It has an entry fee, and if you enjoy walking a nice trail you will love this place, walk up the steps for the best view of the valley below. You can also find the Sunset Point over here.

 3. Sunset Point

There are many points to witness the sunset here, but the Wildlife Sanctuary has a special spot you can go to by climbing some steps up. Another one is by Nakki Lake. And you can definitely see more spots on the routes to these sightseeing spots.

monsoon places to visit, mount abu points, mount abu in monsoon
Sunset Point in Mount Abu – GOPROGOPR2528.JPG

 4. Toad Rock and Nakki Lake

This one is my fav, it is a nice climb to some 400-500 steps to the top of the mountain hill right next to the great Nakki lake. Once up the hill, you will have a nice look at the Toad shaped rock and a view from the hill of the Nakki lake is spectacular.

Just like most water bodies, this Lake is one special destination for visitors at Mount Abu. Surrounded by a huge walkable pathway and has a nice fair and water boat activities near the centre of the lake.

kahi lake mount, mount abu places, sightseeing in mount abu,

 5.Mall Road Mount Abu

Where to eat at Mount Abu? Here it is Mall rd, it is declining street going down to the Nakki lake entrance and has shops, cafes and restaurants on both sides of the lane. enjoy your time with the 7d Cinema, Chocolate room, or Desserts along this entire lane.

 6. Government Museum

I am not a big fan of Museums unless they are ancient and historic, so I decided to not visit this but it’s worth a visit if it is your interest.

 7. Delwara Temple

There are a few more temples here but this one is a must visit if it’s in your interest to see the oldest temple of the town which is a Jain Religion Temple showing a historic moment and some of the best-known sculpturing work done in this temple.


In my opinion, Places which Are NOT Worth the Visit at Mount Abu:

Anchalgarh Fort

If you saw my vlog, you would know why, there is a long way to climb up the mount which has a fort, a temple and just a scenic view but all that climbing not worth it. Though if you did also see we found some interesting small pond on our way to Anchalgarh area, which was interesting for us.

mount abu places to see, where to go at mount abu, not worth places of mount abu

Chhota Nakki Lake

It was there on our way to the Anchalgarh area too, we stopped to witness the view, but not worth to go all the way down the lane to the lake.

Honeymoon Point Mount Abu

I don’t know why it’s called that, but its a point to see the dark forest view or valley, and there were many monkeys here. Don’t trust those monkeys, they could harass you. And there was nothing interesting there but I guess couples would have found it interesting as its lonely.

points at mount abu, monsoon at mount abu

Trevors Tank

Another long nature trail you can take, half on a vehicle and half in on foot. They say they have some Crocodiles inside to showcase, but those are only seen if you are lucky and they are not sleeping(just joking, they may not be there anymore). So it’s a waste to go all the way inside for nothing.

well, there are more places but I didn’t mention them as I didn’t visit them myself like the Governors Museum.

Where and What to Eat at Mount Abu

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Like I mentioned in this post, the Mall Rd has many small cafes, shops and restaurants to try and eat which is a great thing and must eat at the place even if it’s just a milkshake or Hote Milk if you like.

Street Food here which is near the main market, by Mall Road or near the Chacha Inn, you can find many street hawkers selling Maggie! That’s a must try, they make delicious Maggie. If you don’t like it then got for fritters and Chai. You will find Hot Gulab Jamun and special Rabdi Milk or Hot Masala Milk.

mall road mount abu, street food mount abu, where to eat at mount abu, monsoon at mount abu
Mount Abu Mall Road – Street Front
mall road mount abu, street food mount abu, where to eat at mount abu, monsoon at mount abu
Eating Maggie at an Evening during Monsoon Trip to Mount


For restaurants, I would suggest a few I know, like the Neelam Restaurant in the Main Market it’s a budget-friendly place with the best taste of Punjabi food. There is CCD and also Dominos near Mall Road and we had dinner at the Tandoori Bites which was also good for kababs ONLY. We also had some good pizza at Sam’s Pizza Mount Abu but very rude and offensive service by the staff members there. Chacha Inn Garden restaurant has a nice cosy romantic atmosphere for dinner, which you can go for if that interests you.

Total Budget Spent of 2 Nights Mount Abu Trip from Surat

So that’s on how you can spend and plan your Trip to Mount Abu in a Budget. We were 4 and spent something around Rs 20000 on Travel, Food, Accommodation & Sightseeing to Mount Abu.

Hotel Stay for 2 Night: 7250 (family room for 4 people – Booked by Goibibo)

Bikes on Rent (2) – 2 Days: 600

Petrol for Rented Bokes – 400

Entry Fees where necessary – 200-300

Bus Tickets to and from Surat – 8000

Food and Drinks – Lunch, Dinner, Snacks – 4000 Approx



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