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India is also rich in historical sites and wonderful architecture which was made some thousand years ago and some which are not so old standing places to see in Delhi but are worth to visit. Delhi is said to be rich in Indian history as it was ruled by Sultanate being the last Emperor ruled over India and later turned on to the government leads.

Mughal architecture and culture has a great rule in Delhi which also shows some of the monuments which still stand as the pride of the territory. Travelling to streets of Old Delhi to shopping places o the streets to the Memorials of Indian warriors, Delhi is really breathtaking and filled with rich framework.

Places to See in Delhi – Travel with Me

There about so many interesting Monuments which you can glance at Delhi. To go for Sightseeing options for Hop on Hop Off buses or the travel busses are available. You can hire a Car for a private sightseeing option. You can find most of the Hotels arrange the car for you just the way we did. It was very comfortable and easier to go to places you really want to see.

As this wasn’t the first time I visited Delhi, I had earlier come to Delhi for a Manali trip (Manali Kullu Vog)with my husband, and I have already seen a fee monuments like the Jama Masjid known to be the biggest Mosque in India. It’s historic and stands back from 1656 built by Shah Jahan famously known for making the Taj Mahal too. It’s a divine place for prayers which still thousands of people gather for namaz.


The Mosque is in Chandni Chowk the Oldest streets of Delhi known to be Old Delhi now. The place is near to Red Fort – Lal Quilla which is the Delhi Gate Entrance of the Mughal empire headquarters which was shifted from Agra to Delhi later on. It is a irregular octagon with 14 Gates of which some have been demolished now.


Red Fort is well known for it’s Mughal existence and has Mahal’s and Halls built inside it in Marbal. It was has also been featured in some Movies like Jodha Akhbar showing the Sultanate Rule. It is known to be the Paradise of Mughals then. Today it stands as a resemblance of the rulers.


Raj Ghat is a Memorial for Mahatma Gandhi which built by a Hill surrounding the memorial square. Earlier it was a historic hill for the territory . It hardly takes 10-15 mins to go around and see the places.

Next we went on to see another Heritage site of India, Humayun’s Tomb which is a UNESCO site too. The place is spell bounding seeing the construction of the exteriors is simply amazing. I would ask you to not miss this one out. It’s Ancient and well known to architectural lovers to come and visit place for its oldest uses and methods of construction to the amazing texture and work.


Humayun’s Tomb is the Tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun who is was the Father of Akbar. It also has some magnificent construction with domes around it apart from the main Tomb. Watch the Video on our Delhi Vlog Part 1 to see the actual look of Humayun’s Tomb.

From here we decided to move on to see Lotus Temple & Qutb Minar which is another Mughal historic monument & I had visited it before on my first time visit with Rob. While on the Visit I saw Dilli Haat & we also saw more places to shop, which I will talk about in another blog post for shopping in Delhi.


Lotus Temple is a place for prayers & Meditation, no religions, no discrimination it is meant for peace and positive vibes gathered by the cosmic energy gathered by the Lotus Structure created. It is beautiful and worth a visit.


 Qutub Minar is another place of Mughal construction, where the Minar is standing and the rest of the place which looks like it was a entrance to the mansion is all ruined. The Qutb Minar was made to keep eye over Delhi from the Top of it’s peak.

There is another incomplete Minar – Pillar which was being made known to be the Allai Minar, double the size of Qutb Minar, but was never completed due to the death of King. Watch the Video Delhi Vlog Part 2 to see the 2 Minars standing right opposite.


India Gate is a Memorial wall for the respected Indian fighters for Independence. There is a flame which is kept burning to honour them and their duties to India shall not be forgotten. Just Opposite India Gate is the Parliament House & Rashtrapati Bhavan – President’s Home. You can just drive through and pass by.


Parliament House – Drive by


source – Amazing India Blog

As we had 3 Days in Delhi, we kept the Akshardham Temple of Delhi to be seen of the last day. As it one of the most beautiful temple of Swaminarayan Lord. Pictures are not allowed inside nor you can carry electronics. But there is no word for the beauty of this enormous Mandir with sculpture of Lord and Gandharva surrounded all over in interior of the Temple in Marbel. Exterior is like a Place itself and gives a royal feeling as you walk around the premises.

These were all the Monuments I had Seen in Delhi, making me feel so proud of the Indian workmanship. Delhi is not only a place of Historic Monuments and Memorials to Temples, there is much more to do in Delhi and much more to See in Delhi. Read Next Blog to Explore Streets shopping, food and fun places in Delhi.

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