Travelling Around during Corona virus Health Crisis – My Story

Travelling Around during Corona virus Health Crisis – My Story

Today, Safety is considered important all around the world due to Corona Virus Global Health Crisis. But are all taking this in a serious concern? Or are they just focusing on being busy with their daily work and life?

Travelling Concerns Overlooked during Corona Virus by Public and Security Authorities in India

Well when it comes to travel, many are concerned about boarding long flights to highly affected areas. These are still not banned currently for travelling in or out. USA being a very busy country which doesn’t only mean travelling for holidays but for work or for weddings. In India taking the measure of wearing masks and using sanitizer has been going crazy nation wide. But, I just realized people at airports are not still so concerned about this.

This is not about advises and measures this is to let everyone know that it’s upto you on how you take this crisis serious.

I had a Flight from India to USA via Doha on the 9th March 2020. Just before the days of our travel was coming closer we realized that the virus spread has become increasingly higher in India than before. Is it still safe enough to travel to busy airports and board long airplanes? Well not until we saw it for ourselves, were people were devastated thinking about the empty airports and empty flights. Cancellation of Flights and airways taking precautions for protecting their passengers, by also giving them refund.

Actual View of Restricted Travel During Corona Virus

A friend of mine had just traveled few hours the day before we had to get on that plane for USA. He told us there was no special checking and nervous as he was, to pass his screening test, there was none happening around there.

There is nothing like EMPTY airports, at least not in India. There are thousands of travelers standing in the check-in lines for different airlines here at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Maybe they are still not concerned about the Health Crisis and more into reaching other places. Boarding lines are full too and I cannot see people wearing masks. (Maybe only 10 percent had them on) No one was standing further apart 1 meter to avoid contact as a precaution to get infected.

airport duirng corona virus outbreak, airport in india during coronavirus crisis

Just couple of hours before we traveled ourselves, the Kuwaiti airlines had cancelled all flights in and out. But we hadn’t seen any update from Qatar airways for our Layover in Doha. Although after all this confusion and re-thinking to board that flight the next day, we finally decided to cancel it. And it was the airlines that made our non-refundable tickets refundable. Cancelling a airline ticket within 24 hours doesn’t always give you a good refund. But maybe the global health crisis is to be taken into concern.

To conclude this, Is it safe to say, the people still don’t realize the risk they are taking just to travel? Or is it not such a big concern as it has been shown on newslines and other medias? Hence, the civilians sitting back at home are taking precaution measures for hygiene and those traveling in and out of different countries don’t really care of what is happening today.

After we cancelled the tickets and would be the day we travelled, we got to know that Doha had suspended travel in and out till 17th March 2020. Including Indigo airlines had also restricted flights.

Advises for Travel:

Please confirm even few hours before boarding your flights if the airlines has not issued any new update. Make sure to be safe and reassure by either travelling or cancelling your plans.

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