Sarojini Nagar Shopping – Monday Market | Delhi Travel Guide

Exploring the famous Sarojini Nagar Market is worth a visit and it won’t let you down on any day of the week especially not on Monday. The places is said to be closed on Mondays, but actually it’s still alive, the place is open on Monday and it’s like a official Monday Sale day at Sarojini nagar Market.

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We explored the market and found lots of clothing products, jewellery, footwear, home decor stuff, and much more. The market is not only for Girls! or women but also men. The place also have stores from were you can by good brand retailers or choose to by the clothes sold on the streets.

Watch the Video of Sarojini Nagar Shopping Monday market below, this was our first place of interest on our Delhi Travel trip. More to come on Delhi travel vacation. Follow us on Youtube to see more video updates on Delhi Sightseeing places. And Sarojini Nagar is one Must visit places.

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